UCTT (Understanding Computers Through Talk)

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UCTT (Understanding Computers Through Talk)

Date Established:

July, 1995

Contact Person:

Chuetsu Chiba

E-mail address:



In July, 1995, We founded a society and named it UCTT.

< Information >

Let's send a message all over the world from Ichinoseki city in Iwate prefectureJapan.

Let's make a creative and cultured area here.

Let's study basic Windows and UNIX.

Let's try to create art and music.

Let's send a message all over the world using internet.

We are subscribers who are interested in computers , multimedia and culture.

These things are freely available!.

< Main Activity >

We hold seminars or meetings once a month at the South Iwate Reserch Center of Technology.

We will tell everyone about our activities at the beginning of next month.

< Note >

We appreciate all mail.
Let us know of your complaints, questions, comments and impressions about this page.

Please send them to UCTT staff.

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